Housing Trust Commercial Cleaning Case Study

Fairhive Homes - Aylesbury Vale

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Housing Trust - Fairhive Homes

Client: Fairhive Homes
Industry: Housing Trust
Location: Aylesbury Vale


Services Delivered

  • Cleaning of 230 flatted blocks on a 4-weekly basis
  • Daily office cleaning at the head office in Aylesbury
  • Daily cleaning at a regional office in Stokenchurch
  • Window cleaning for all sites
  • Carpet cleaning in the head office and independent living schemes
  • Void cleans for residents
  • Residential Property cleaning
  • Deep cleans
  • Bio cleans
  • Garage clearances
  • Graffiti removal
  • IT equipment cleaning
  • Cooker hood cleaning
  • Oven cleaning
  • Gutter & Gulley cleaning


Fairhive Homes is a sprawling network of community housing with over 600 independent living units, 117 shared ownership homes, 650 leasehold properties and approximately 230 multi-occupancy blocks. The complexity of managing such diverse living spaces necessitates a cleaning partner capable of upholding the highest of standards – something Fairhive Homes were struggling with.

The housing trust approached Ever Brite Cleaning Services in order to overhaul their cleaning processes and ensure every residence and communal space reflects the care and quality Fairhive Homes is known for.


Managing cleaning services for an organisation as vast and complex as Fairhive Homes is a huge undertaking and comes with its own set of unique challenges. Maintaining properties to the highest standard is paramount for Fairhive Homes, while ensuring a hygienic and welcoming work environment for their staff is also of the utmost importance.

Maintaining consistently high cleaning standards across numerous sites with vastly different needs presented a complex challenge for Ever Brite to overcome, especially considering initial standards were performing well below expectations.

This task was further complicated by the turnover of cleaning staff, necessitating quick and efficient recruitment and training strategies.


Ever Brite implemented a multifaceted approach to tackling the problems faced by Fairhive homes, not just providing cleaning services but investing large quantities of time retraining cleaning staff in best practices and standards. Ever Brite deployed a mix of on-site teams, mobile multi-task teams and and specialist cleaners, all of whom are overseen by an Area Manager dedicated specifically to Fairhive Homes.

By establishing a structured routine of comprehensive cleaning services — ranging from daily office cleaning to graffiti removal — Ever Brite has developed a system that not only meets but exceeds the unique needs of each site.

Regular audits, feedback mechanisms, and responsive adjustments to services have been key to our strategy. Monthly contract meetings with key shareholders and resident groups ensure that KPI’s are met, while feedback cards delivered to residents to complete and return to Head Office ensure all work is completed with due consideration of the residents in the buildings.


Working with Ever Brite has been transformative for both Fairhive Homes’ residents and employees alike. The partnership has resulted in an increase in:

  • Performance: Monthly audits reflect a stellar 99.1% satisfaction rate, highlighting the effectiveness of Ever Brite's services.
  • Community Satisfaction: A regular feedback system ensures that the needs and concerns of the residents are continuously met and addressed showing Fairhive Homes to be a trusted and respected organisation.
  • Staff Development: Through adept management, staff recruitment, and training, Ever Brite has built a stable and proficient cleaning team that delivers consistently across all sites.


Ever Brite Cleaning Services' commitment to Fairhive Homes has resulted in an environment where community and cleanliness go hand in hand. By adapting to the evolving landscape of housing needs and focusing on quality and feedback, Ever Brite ensures that Fairhive Homes remains a standard-bearer for residential communities and a place where employees and residents can be proud to step foot in every day.

Client Testimonial

"Ever Brite Cleaning Services has not only risen to the challenge of providing cleaning services to a Housing Association as vast as ours but has set a high benchmark for what we can expect from our cleaning services. The thoroughness and consistency of their work, their dedication to our residents' satisfaction, and their ability to manage a broad and demanding scope of work have been exceptional. Their responsive approach and the positive feedback we receive from our residents are a testament to their success. We are proud to partner with Ever Brite, as they truly understand the value of community living."

-Mark Frayne-Johnson, Housing Services Manager, Fairhive Homes Ltd