Intercity Cleaning and Ever Brite Announce Merger

Intercity Cleaning, a leading commercial cleaning company based in Manchester, and Everbrite Cleaning Services, a prominent cleaning service provider based in London and the South East, are pleased to announce their merger.

Everbrite, led by CEO Avi Levison, will be taking over Intercity Cleaning, combining their strengths to create a stronger and more dynamic cleaning service provider.

The merger brings together two industry leaders in the cleaning sector, allowing for expanded service offerings and an increased ability to deliver exceptional cleaning solutions to clients across the North West of England.

The combined entity will operate under the name “Everbrite Cleaning Services” and maintain regional offices in both Manchester, London and East Anglia.

Everbrite Cleaning Services has a strong presence in the London market and will now expand its operations into Manchester, establishing a broader reach in the North West region.

“We look forward to merging our expertise with Intercity Cleaning,” said Avi Levison, CEO of Everbrite Cleaning Services. “Together, we will deliver innovative cleaning solutions and exceed our clients’ expectations.”

The merger is expected to create new employment opportunities and drive operational efficiency. Both companies are committed to ensuring a seamless transition for their existing clients and employees.

For further information regarding the merger of Intercity Cleaning and Everbrite Cleaning Services, please contact: Ever Brite Cleaning – 01296 432051