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BSix – Sixth Form College, Upper Clapton, London

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Six Form College cleaning - Upper Clapton, London

Client: BSix – Sixth Form College
Industry: Education
Location: Upper Clapton, London


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BSix Sixth Form College, established in 2002 in Upper Clapton, represents a cornerstone of education in Hackney, offering a vibrant local study opportunity for students. With a variety of specialist facilities, including a standalone gym, a performing arts theatre, and a recording studio alongside traditional educational spaces, the need for a consistent and high-calibre cleaning service was paramount to maintain a conducive learning environment for staff and students alike.

BSix approached Ever Brite Cleaning Services for a tailored cleaning solution that would encompass the varying cleaning requirements of their facilities.


Upon contract initiation, Ever Brite faced a significant challenge: inheriting a poorly supported cleaning staff along with various performance and equipment-related issues. The college's diverse range of facilities required a meticulous and versatile approach to cleaning, one that went beyond the capabilities of the previous service providers and had been until now difficult to maintain.


To overcome the challenges faced by BSix, Ever Brite deployed 16 highly skilled cleaning staff, bolstered by 3 full-time day cleaners to be on site throughout the day in order to maintain cleanliness during school hours. Through intensive training and the implementation of support measures, they established a new standard of cleaning excellence tailored to the college's unique needs.


The results achieved by Ever Brite for BSix were transformative and included:

  • Raised Standards: The cleaning standards across all areas, from classrooms and labs to the gym and recording studio, were elevated, ensuring a spotless learning environment for all students and staff.
  • Consistent Quality: Continuous high audit scores became the new norm for the school, reflecting the sustained improvements in cleanliness.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Staff and students at BSix Sixth Form College experienced heightened levels of satisfaction due to the pristine conditions, allowing them to focus on educational and extracurricular activities without concern for the cleanliness of their environment.


Ever Brite Cleaning Services continues to uphold a standard of hygiene that exceeds even the highest expectations at BSix. Having addressed previous shortcomings with the college’s cleaning regime with their exceptional attention to detail, proactive communication and exceptional staff training, Ever Brite has ensured that faculty and students can now enjoy an environment where they can thrive without concern.

Through a strategic and customised approach Ever Brite has been able to meet the demands of BSix Sixth Form College's dynamic and multifaceted site, illustrating the monumental impact top-quality cleaning services can have on a premises atmosphere and operations.

Client Testimonial

We are very happy and impressed with our cleaning contractor. The start of the new contract was seemless. The contractor has provided the staff training, staff management and new equipment as promised at the tender presentation. It was good to see how successfully and efficiently the TUPE'd cleaning staff were inducted as staff of the new contractor.

Despite the fact that most of the cleaning staff were TUPE’d across to Ever Brite, the standard of cleaning improved to a very noticeable extent. Since Ever Brite took over, I have not received complaints about the standard of cleaning and the morale of the cleaning team appears to have improved.

Ever Brite have been in regular contact with the College holding frequent meetings with our Premises Manager both at supervisor and manager level. They proved to be especially helpful and proactive in assisting the College with its response to COVID and in setting up additional preventative measures. The provision of additional day cleaners was done quickly and simply.

- Adrian Cottrell, Vice Principal – Finance and Resources, BSix Sixth Form College